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about president obama's meeting with china's president. >>> welcome back. we've got some breaking news. you are looking at a live picture of a car into a creek on piney meetg house ro in rockville. if you look closely, you can see the wheels over there and you can see the emergency personnel. we're told that rescuers have pulled either one person or some people out of that vehicle. we don't know the severity of the injuries or what time this happened. but we can you e is a car in a creek there along piney meeting house road. we'll be back with that. >>> also in the news right now, a judge orders a suspect held without bond on charges of killing a 9-year-old boy. he is d se pena, the suspect arrested earlier today in hyat tkhrásville. police say he shot a bullet through an apartment door. the bullet killed a man inside his home. police believe na trying to rob the family. >>> faiountrfax cpolice say they've not yet interviewed the officer involve inside a deadly shooting now under investigation. last friday that officer killed 52-year-old david masters during a affic stop on route 1
'm confronting? >> president obama made campaign appearances for cree deeds and john corzine. the president carried both states last november. tomorrow's race could be seen as a referendum on president obama and his policies. >> political steam has the gubernatorial race at the top of their list. a blue state would be damaging to them politically. >> tomorrow's races could shed light on how next year's elections could shape up. >>> firefighters came to the aid of man's best friend this morning. they pulled a dog from the burning home. the fire broke out in the 7900 block of burnham wood drive. >> my crew went to the rear of the house to the basement. gained access into the house. came across a canine, a dog. i grabbed the dog, rescued it, brought it to the front side of the house. i made sure it was okay and handed it off to other crews to further help the canine. a second dog didn't survive. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >>> sky 9 was also over a fire in potomac that is being blamed on a domestic dispute. flames broke out in the 10,800 block of old coach road. an 80-y
in sterling. >>> plus, president obama makes his decision on a new strategy for afghanistan. >>> it's the hottest ticket in washington. we'll give you a preview of the obama first official state dinner. i'm joel brown at the white house. that's coming up. when it comes to constipation relief... miralax is the one. it's the one. the one recommended by more doctors. only miralax is clinically proven to relieve constipation with no harsh side effects. miralax is the only one. restore your body's natural rhythm with miralax. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] every penny counts. so does every moment. make the most of both this holiday season with great gifts at great prices from l.l. bean. ♪ from l.l. bean. >>> we told you all afternoon at the age of 85, the washington wizards owner, abe pollin has died today. our sports director is live at the verizon center for them joining us inside a building that will be a big part of the legacy. >>> and that is a member that is recently 12 years ago, they did not exist for them. and they just prepared the vision out there just yet for them and now t
. >>> coming up, president obama takes part in the traditional turkey pardon at the white house. >> reporter: president obama is ready to announce his decision on afghanistan. but polls show it will be a tough sell. i'm joel brown at the white house. that's coming up. >> back down to 4 poirn 78% for mortgages. that record low was also reached at the end of april. but credit standards are still fixed and are available to those with a solid credit and 20% down payment. >>> a second victim of the fort hood shooting was laid to rest tonight. he was one of the 13 people killed in the shooting spree. he was a mexican immigrant who earned his doctorate in psychology. he was preparing to deploy to afghanistan. major nidal malik hasan is charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder. >>> a soldier from maryland has been killed in action in afghanistan. the 34-year-old staff sergeant died monday. he had served in iraq as well. >>> president obama will address the nation next tuesday night about a new strategy in the war in afghanistan and top white house aides say he will put a lot of emphasis in put
get ready to spend thanksgiving in space. >>> president obama raises the issue of human rights abuses in china. but tries not to offend his host. i'm joel brown at the white house. coming up. >>> and we take you out with a live picture from sky 9. right now, it is springfield and our crew is looking for news tonight. we will bring you anything they find as soon as they find it. >>> a good start to the week on wall street. the dow closed up 136 1/2 points. the nasdaq rose almost 30 points. and the s&p 500 finished the day about 16 points higher. >>> packed was the word of the day for president obama on his first trip to china. he delicately tried to urge chinese leaders to stop censoring some web sites without offending his host. >>> joel brown has more on the president's careful case for free speech. >> reporter: president obama had just arrived in china when he was faced with a delicate issue of human rights. >> should he would be able to use twitter freeliy is the question? >> reporter: the u.s. ambassador to china says the question on chinese censorship was submitted online for thi
result. >> the obama administration says federal courts are the best place to try these terror suspects, but many families of the victims approached holder after his turn in the hot seat, telling him they aren't convinced. joe brown, cbs news, washington. >> the critics argue that the trial will give the terrorists stage despite hateful rhetoric. but such concerns are misplaced because judges can control unruly defendants and any pronouncements would make the terror suspects look worse. >>> health and human services secretary, kathleen says federal policy on who should get breast cancer screenings has not changed. she issued the statement to ease confusion over a government task force panel that said that routine mammograms are not necessary for most women in their 40s. the panel instead recommends that women at low risk should not get strained until they are in their 50s and then only every other year. on 9news now this morning, dr. rachel brem at george washington university hospital told andrea roane the recommendations are a huge step backwards. > mammography is the single best way
national ceremony president obama and first lady michelle obama stopped at the section of the burial ground and met with mourners. the white house says president obama is close to reaching a decision. here is joel brown. >> reporter: on a rainy veterans day president obama and the first lady offered handshakes and condolences to families mourning lost loved ones at arlington national cemetery. the pair ran among the graves in an area known as section 60, the site reserved for troops killed in iraq and afghanistan. the commander in chief is reported to be nearing a decision about the new strategy for the war in afghanistan that could include sending up to 40,000 more troops into battle. the men and women in uniform already serving abroad were on the president's mind as he spoke to families gathered near the tomb of the unknowns. >> for our troops it is another day in harm's way. for their families it is another day to feel the absence of a loved one and the concern for their safety. >> reporter: the people that came to the vietnam veterans memorial to mark the holiday know those feelings wel
announces he is pulling out of his own tournament. >>> president obama has given the military its marching orders for afghanistan. now he prepares to address the nation. i'm joel brown at the white house, coming up. foreclosure. the treasury department says lenders under the government's $75 billion relief program. this program allows homeowners to reduce their interest rate to as low as 2% you're looking at a live picture from senator john mccain on the senate floor right now. moderate senators are already coming under pressure as party leaders prepare for a battle to hang onto the needed 60 votes. some in the party say they'll jump ship if the bill doesn't have tighter restrictions on abortion coverage. others say they'll go if the government plan competes with private insurance companies. democrats are vowing to work weekends to deliver on president obama's domestic initiative by the year's end. >>> the president is already putting his new strategy for afghanistan into motion and tomorrow night he will outline that strategy to the american public. already this plan to send more troops t
's motives remain unclear. president obama and the secretary of the army are urging americans not to jump to conclusions. joel brown, back to you. >> joel, it is our understanding the suspect was about to be deployed himself and did not want that to happen. what are you hearing there at the base? >> what we are hearing is from fellow servicemen and women who talked to major malik nadal hasan in the last few weeks that he was terrified about being deployed to iraq in the coming weeks. did not want to go and expressed hesitants coming face to face with fellow iraqis. >> the top commander at the base and the secretary of the army said yes we are traumatized by what happened and it is our job to be prepared and stay engrossed in our missions abroad. they have soldiers from across the world and all are calling back and wanting to know what happened here but it is their job to move forward. >> thank you for so that report. >>> police removed a dumpster outside of his apartment today. they also seized his computer as they searched for clues about possible motives. a neighbor said malik nadal has
you. >> president barack obama, breaking into previously scheduled conference on native american rights and talking at the tragedy at fort hood. the mass shootings there to keep going back to that story as the news developments come in. and right now it had is out of montgomery county. they are live over the the evening rush from the second night in a row, drivers are facing major delays getting home. similar to last night, the ongoing computer meltdown that has created the gridlocks across the county and they are not fixed. the experts are not sure when it will be fixed. the county executive tell us that this could be an issue until monday morning or beyond while the workers manually reach hundreds of traffic lights that the broken down computer used to control. scott broom is live out there in rockville tonight, following this since yesterday, scott? >> yeah, it's the tragic lights like this one at rockville pike that they will be resetting manually. the lights are working and the problem is the computer that sing connizes them -- sin connizes all of them. they ordered to get t
after the announcement, critics of the white house fired back. they called on the obama administration to keep the defendants out of the country and the cases out of civilian court. lawmakers released a flurry of statements. senator john cornen said -- his colleague john kyl agreed. -- cbs national security analyst doesn't see a reason for those fears. he points out the suspect in the 1993 world trade center bombing were trade in new york. >> i think they know how to handle it. new york is top of the list for al-qaeda any way. i'm not sure this necessarily ups the ante that much. >> reporter: the judges presiding over these cases will face tough issues. much of the evidence is classified and some obtained through harsh interrogation tactics that were later banned. cbs news, washington. >> the top lawyer at the white house is returning to private practice. greg craig announced his resignation today. his future was already in question amid accusations that he mishandled the effort to close guantanamo bay military prison in cuba. craig will be replaced bay long- time adviser to president
his request for clemency. >>> president barack obama says that all of the 13 men and women who dieded at fort hood last week deserve to be honored as heros. telling the story of the each areas individually at the memorial service today. >>> montgomery county health officials are trying to determine what made 14 people sick in the potomac grocery store. they were evacuated along with a couple of other stores that they have since reopened. >>> a ban of allege book thieves accused of cleaning out the public library in maryland have been inkited in prince george's county. and the losses, they are pretty surprising. more than $87,000 worth of text have been stolen alone. that's apparently the tip of the iceberg with the latest on this developing story. >> reporter: you bet. it appears that the cause of college textbooks in the ease of selling them at used bookstores, that does appear to be the motive for this allege ring of thieves who apparently thought public libraries would be an easy mark. boy were they whereon. >> reporter: these are photos of some of the dozen suspected book thieves.
at the hermitage precinct voted for obama helping virginia elect a democrat for president since 1964. but the talk they were turning blue is gone. >> mcdonnell was going out and campaigning and then deeds was taking a day off. i don't know if he necessarily has the drive to become the state's governor. >> i think it's depending more on the people, obama coming down and the mayor backing him and i think he could have run a much stronger campaign, but i still voted for him. >> reporter: some were still undecided heading to the polls. >> you might vote for deeds, you might vote for mcdonnell, you don't know. >> i don't know. i always say a prayer just before i go in and ask the lord to be with me that i vote for the right one. >> reporter: three miles away in glen allen, a solid republican district where parents hugged babies in carriers, there was nothing but optimism for a republican sweep. >> i think you will see a big turnout of republican voters. i think we had a swing in the state in the other direction but i think it's the time the republican voters are getting our voices her. >> reporter: a
about are jobs, the economy, kitchen table, bread and butter issues. >> president obama called him this morning and he says this election was not a referendum on president obama's leadership. he says it was really about kitchen table issues, like jobs and energy and transportation. as to talks that mcdonald could be the next republican vice presidential nominee, he says they are drinking a whole lot of kool-aid. they have jobs there. in richmond, 9news now and >>> coming up at 6:00, tim kaine will talk about who is to blame for the singing defeat for his party. for all of the results of all the elections, go to >>> topping tonight's flu alert, they brief congress on the h1n1 virus and vaccine to fight it. more doses are being manufactured and shipped out to states. but federal officials are relying on local governments and people themselves to keep their families as safe as possible. many of the folks considered high risk are not going to be getting it soon. >> in the middle of a pandemic. although the risk of serious disease is low, when it happens, particul
. the news comes as president obama prepares to meet with the top advisors on afghanistan. they will discuss whether to send more troops into the war zone. the defense secretary, they will be among those schedules to attend tonight's meeting and it is suppose to take place at 8:00 at the white house. >>> the5-year-old lieutenant out there was buried at articlington national cemetery. the native was one of the 13 people that were shot and killed at the texas base earlier this month. leaving behind two daughters and six grandchildren. >>> hazardous materials that are on the scene of the freight train out there with what is happening in houston. at least a dozen union pacific car. some of that spilled on to the nearby roadway. there is also concerns about a spill of an unknown white substance. look at that mess. believe it or not, no one was hurt. >> and they took place today. a problem on one of the astronauts space suits that delayed the operation by an hour. on saturday, he became the father of a new baby girl born in houston while daddy was in outer space. >> a rocket man. >> yes. >> quite
from president obama to urge off and resist the temptation to turn the tragedy into what they call the political fears. joel brown, cbs news, washington. >>> and army secretary and the former chief ot naval secretary, they -- chief and the naval secretary, they will head up there by secretary gates and after fan stan today and a suicide bomber that killed 19 people in northwestern pakistan. they blew themselves up while being searched at the gates in northwest pakistan. dozens more were badly injured. in after fan stan, two u.s. troops were killed by a car bomb near the the gate of the base. is and 10 civilians died while they blew themselves up there at a busy afghan market. all the silence comes as afghan's president, they were sworn into office for a second time. the secretary state hillary clinton is in cabo urging them, i should say, to get rid of the corruption that caught the cloud over their reelection, challenging us to make good on our promise to take back that control of the country's own security. >> to take the lead and to take the enmy is what they said that they want
in intensive care. president obama will lead a memorial service tomorrow. >>> dc police officers escaped injuries after being shot at northeast this morning. the gunfire sounded in the 5800 block of east capitol around 3 a.m. officers did not return fire but did chase the three suspects into alexandria and back into the district. those three men were e venn tkwhaoully -- eventually caught in custody tonight. they are searching for the gun they used. it could have been tossed out of the car during the chase. >>> today, the u.s. supreme court refused to block tomorrow's scheduled execution of dc sniper john muhammad. muhammad will die by lethal injection tomorrow night the at greensville correctional center in virginia. bruce leshan has reactions from a few of the many lives affected by the sniper's killing free. >> reporter: the supreme court declined to hear arguments by his lawyers that he was paranoid and delusional at the beginning of his child when he chose to represent himself. and that paranoia was due to the brain damage suffered by the hands of his father who beat him when he was
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